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Digital Audio Recorder with 5 Microphones For Noise Cancellation


The E-AUD-U49H-1200 is a 5 microphone audio recording device with a metal enclosure. 


  • 5-Microphone Array
  • 16-Bit Audio Codec
  • Upto 220 Hours Continous Recording
  • Upto 456 Hours VAS Recording
  • 8GB Integrated Flash Storage
  • Linear or Circular Recording Modes
  • Video Evidence Digital Marker
  • Built-In Real-Time Clock
  • USB Interface


Due to it's special design with it's 5 x microphones, 16-bit encoder and automatic gain control (AGC), the E-AUD-U49H-1200 is able to pickup audio at a longer range, as well as providing excellent noise cancellation for various environments.


Recording is configured with the PC software and activated by using the three control buttons on the unit. Audio can be recorded manually, by voice-activation or via schedule. LEDs then provide an indication of recording status and battery life. At the lowest quality setting, the E-AUD-U49-1200 has storage allowing it to record for upto 1200 hours. The unit can also be configured to record in either a linear or circular recording mode.


Transferring of files to a PC after recording is made simple by the unit's integrated USB interface. Software is included for Windows computers which allows one to configure the recorder and convert the files to standard audio formats.

  • Audio Frequency: 100 ~ 10000 Hz
  • Built-in microphone: Ranhe Upto 15 metres
  • Recording Storage Time (8GB): Max 1200 Hours (Lowest Quality)
  • Signal/noise ratio: -80 dB
  • Compression algorithms: Without compression, uLaw (2/1) or ADPCM(4/1)  
  • Battery: AAA Battery
  • Battery Life (Continous Record Mode): 220 Hours
  • Battery Life (Voice Activated Record Mode): 456 Hours
  • Weight: 25 g (with battery)
  • PC Interface: Up to 1,5Mb/s (USB 1.1)
  • Case: Metal
  • Dimensions (mm): 143 x 13 x 18 mm

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