Fixed Focal Length Board Lens

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Product Datasheet


  • Focal Length: 2.45 mm
  • Aperture: F2.5
  • 1/3" Viewing Angle (H): 87°
  • 1/4" Viewing Angle (H): 70º
  • Dimensions (mm): 17 x 9

When the standard lens fitted is not suitable, try one of our high quality fixed focal length board lenses that are suitable for use with our board, mini and dome cameras fitted with board lenses.

The E-B2525 is a board mount fish-eye lens, suitable for fitting to any camera with a board mount lens fitting. The lens provides an extremely wide angle of view and is recommended for indoor use in areas such as shops, stock rooms and areas where a general camera view is needed. The new 25 mm lens gives a small mini camera a range of 20 ~ 30 metres. This makes it ideal for covert surveillance of a subject, a distance away from the camera.

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