Advanced Mini Digital Audio Recorder

MSRP Starting Price: R 684.00



  • Audio Input Frequency: 100-6000 Hz
  • S/N Ratio: 72 dB
  • Sample Rate: 4 / 8 / 16 KHz (Selectable)
  • Codec: 16 bit
  • Microphone: Integrated
  • Microphone Range: Up to 7 Meters
  • External Microphone: Via 2.5 mm socket
  • Built-in FLASH memory: 64 MB, 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB Versions
  • Extra Long Play Quality:
    • 1120 min (18.7 Hrs),
    • 2240 min (37.3 Hrs),
    • 4480 min (74.7 Hrs),
    • 8960 min (149 Hrs),
    • 17920 min (298 Hrs)
  • Quality Settings:
    • Extra Long Play (16 Kbit/s)
    • Long Play (24 Kbit/s)
    • Medium (32 Kbit/s)
    • Normal (64 Kbit/s)
    • High (96 Kbit/s)
  • Flash Memory Retention: 10 Years
  • External Trigger:
    • Yes through Input 1 (Record Activation)
    • Input 2 (STOP command)
  • Schedule Activated Recording: Yes
  • Power source: 3 V Lithium Button Cell CR2450
  • Battery Life (Record mode): up to 250 hours
  • Battery Life (Playback mode): up to 50 hours
  • Battery Life (Standby mode): 2 years
  • Battery Life (VAS Standby mode): 2500 hours
  • Case: Plastic
  • Clock: Internal Real-Time Clock
  • PC Interface: USB
  • Software: Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP
  • Operating Temp: -20° C to 50°C
  • Weight: 20 g
  • Dimensions (mm): 59 x 28 x 9

Three user levels are available, Admin, Operator and User. Our LCD display, displays battery space left, operation status and memory storage space. It is also useful when playing back directly from the recorder. Through the external trigger the recorder can be switched from its stand-by mode to record mode, thus allowing extension of battery life and therefore operational time.


An interesting function of the E-B8 is its schedule activated recording modes. Two are available to choose from, an everyday mode and a single-shot mode. The every-day mode switches the recorder to record mode each date at the same preset time. After recording, it then switches the recorder off. The single-shot mode activates the recorder only once after programming.


This small recorder uses a replaceable lithium battery pack. This powers the recorder for up to 250 hours in record mode, 50 hours in playback and up to 2500 hours in the VAS stand-by mode.


Audio can be played back on the unit by using the included audio earphone or transferred to a PC via a standard USB port. Included with each E-B8 is a PC adaptor cable and a Windows software application. Files are recorded onto the recorder in a standard windows compatible format.


Several optional accessories are available; these include external amplified microphones and telephone adaptors. The telephone adaptor allows the E-B8 recorder to be connected to a standard telephone line for in-line recording. When the handset is picked up, the recorder goes from stand-by mode to record mode. Another optional accessory is the cellular phone adaptor; this allows the recording of cellular phone calls.


Ordering Information

Item Description Price Qty
E-B8-1120 1120 Minute (18.6 Hour) R 6,120.00
E-B8-2240 2240 Minute (37.3 Hour) R 16,568.00
E-B8-4480 4480 Minute (74.7 Hour) R 20,520.00
E-B8-560 560 Minute (9.3 Hour) Embedded Digital Audio Recorder R 5,583.00
E-B8-8960 8960 Minute (149 Hour) R 37,696.00
E-B8-ACC1 Telephone Adaptor for E-B8 Embedded Digital Audio Recorder R 684.00