CCTV Test Meter

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Product Datasheet
  • SYNC: (40 IRE units) Set the camera to the correct Video Output level
  • WHITE: (100 IRE units) Adjust the lense's iris to the correct brightness setting
  • COMPOSITE: (140 IRE units) Measures the overall level of the video signal
  • COLOUR BURST: (40 IRE units) Measures colour burst amplitude
  • FOCUS: Used to adjust camera for best focus on scene. Maximum meter reading occurs at sharpest focus. No need for a TV monitor at the camera location.

This handheld battery operated meter is a must-have tool for CCTV installers. It measures five important camera signal attributes which allows the user to troubleshoot his CCTV system. The unit can be connected in two ways, either by connecting the video source directly to the unit with a terminator or by connecting the unit in line with the cable.

The small size of the unit enables it to be taken directly to the camera location, thus saving time and in many cases, reducing test and installation manpower.

The sync, white and composite amplitude measures the sync-to-white ratio and the overall video waveform amplitude on any part of an NTSC or PAL video system, including camera origination, video levels in distribution amplifiers, TV switchers, studios, microwave and satellite transmission systems.

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