Mini COFDM Video & Audio Digital Wireless Transmitter



The E-COFDM-TX-MINI is a compact mini transmitter for wireless video and audio applications. > It is suitable for the transmission of one video signal upto 200 metres in built-up areas and upto 10km's in line of site applications (antenna dependent).


  • COFDM Wireless Technology
  • H.264 Video Compression
  • Rugged Casing
  • One Composite Video Input
  • Stereo Audio Inputs
  • 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz Models Available
  • 12VDC Operation


Designed for the secure transmission of video signals, our COFDM wireless products provide wireless transmission of video signals in areas of operation previously thought impossible. They also provide continous 25fps video signals without video break-up.
These products are based on COFDM wireless technology which is a multi-path RF discipline where the signal is split into two thousand wireless carriers. With normal analog wireless transmission one relies on a single carrier (hence the picture break-up normally associated with ananalog wireless technology).
The benefit of this multi-path technology is that it means the video and audio can be transmitted from body-worn links, mobile vehicle platforms and fixed installations which have barriers in between transmission and reception.


The E-COFDM-TX-MINI provides excellent distance and performance through its range of transmission bandwidths, and it has increased spectral efficiency in the 2 MHz and 1 MHz narrow bandwidth modes. This is the narrowest bandwidth available in any comparable product. Theuse of 4 MHz or 8 MHz modulation at shorter distances gives broadcast-quality image definition.


Designed for extremely simple and rugged operation & control, the E-COFDM-TX-MINI has a 16-way rotary switch for selecting between channels and different bandwidth settings. A Red LED confirms if the unit has link communication with the receiver unit. We have two models of receivers a one channel and a four channel. The four channel receiver is available as a 19" rack mount model or a unit suitable for mounting in an outdoor enclosure.


  • Frequency (2.4GHz Model): 2.28GHz ~ 2.485GHz 2.28GHz ~ 2.485GHz
  • Frequency (5.8GHz Model): 5.725GHz~5.850GHz 5.725GHz~5.850GHz
  • COFDM Standard Proprietary: DVB-T Proprietary DVB-T
  • Channels: Upto 40 Factory Programmable
  • Channels: (User Selectable) Upto 16 Via Selection Dial
  • Video Inputs: One
  • Audio Inputs: Two
  • Video Compression Type: H.264
  • 8MHz Bandwidth / Resolution: 4CIF
  • 4MHz Bandwidth / Resolution: 4CIF
  • 2MHz Bandwidth / Resolution: 2CIF
  • 1MHz Bandwidth / Resolution: 2CIF
  • Wireless Range (Urban Built up NCOS): 100 ~ 200 mtrs
  • Wireless Range (Line-of-Site): 10KMs
  • Antenna Connector: SMA N-Type
  • Encryption (On Order): 128-bit or 256-bit
  • Video/Audio & Power Connector: Micro D-Type
  • Compatible Receivers: E-COFDM-RX-1CH or E-COFDM-RX-4CH
  • Power: 12VDC (390mA)
  • Dimensions: 55 x 23 x 87
  • Weight: 200g

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E-COFDM-RX-4CH 4Ch COFDM Wireless Video & Audio Receiver - 19" Rack Mount Contact For Price