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20CH Hybrid Embedded Digital Video Recorder - With support for IP Cameras & IP Encoders

MSRP Starting Price: R 55,328.00


The E-DVR-1640HD is a 20Ch hybrid H.264 embedded DVR supporting both analog and IP cameras.

It is the ideal product for those wanting a hi-end system but that are not ready to move completely over to an IP system. It also protects your investment in terms of your analog cameras while benefitting from some IP megapixel quality. 

The analog part of the DVR supports upto sixteen analog video inputs with each channel able to handle full D1 resolution at upto 25fps per channel. On the IP side, four IP streams can be recorded by the DVR. The DVR can record four 4CIF IP streams at 25fps per stream, two 1Megapixel (720P) IP Streams at 25fps or one 2Megapixel (1080P) IP Stream at 25fps.

It has almost every feature a CCTV user could require from a DVR/NVR. This includes hi-resolution multiple programmable monitor outputs, upto 10TB internal HDD storage, Till POS overlay, PTZ control, dual gigabit ethernet and excellent CMS software support.


  • 16 Video Input Channels
  • 4 IP Video Input Channels
  • 16 Audio Input Channels & 1 Audio Output
  • RS485 PTZ Camera Control
  • Simultaneous HDMI & VGA Main Monitor Output
  • 2 Programmable Video Outputs
  • 1 Spot Monitor Video Output
  • D1 (720x576) 25fps Recording on every channel
  • DVD-RW for Backup
  • Support for 5 x SATA HDDs
  • Network/RS485 Remote Keyboard (Optional)
  • POS Till Overlay


Suitable for the very best surveillance applications, the E-DVR-1640HD is able to record at upto 25fps at full D1 (720x576) recording on every channel. This makes it suitable for casinos, banks, shopping centres and any situation requiring hi-resolution full frame rate recording.


The new IP video support allows the recorder to record upto four channels of video IP streams received from IP cameras or IP encoders across a TCP/IP network. This is extremely useful in situations where some cameras may be situated at remote locations far away from the bulk of the analog camers. Users can select from a variety of D1 resolution or Megapixel IP cameras to use with the DVR or we have a one channel encoder which is compatible with the E-DVR-1640HD.


The E-DVR-1640HD is able to accept text input from POS/Till devices. This input via the RS232 port allows data to be stored with video for later review. During playback the user is able to search video for product items and prices against the till information inputted earlier.


One of the most unique features of the E-DVR-1640HD are the four programmable video outputs. The E-DVR-1640HD operates in a similar way to how an analog video matrix operates but with a mix of multipexer capability. The user is able to switch any of the inputs to any of the four video outputs. In doing this, the user may also program the DVR to show certain cameras in a quad view on a certain monitor or on a 16-way view on yet another monitor. This is extremely useful in sitations where you may want to have a slave monitor showing only certain cameras or another monitor showing all cameras. The video outputs can also be programmed to playback one or more cameras while displaying cameras live on one of the other three monitors. Two of these outputs are HD (1 x VGA and 1 x HDMI) and two others are standard composite video. A 5th monitor can be connected via the spot monitor video output.


The E-DVR-1640HD has several methods of remote monitoring. These include a Central Management Software Package called RasPlus. RasPlus is able to communicate to several DVRs allows monitoring of upto 64 cameras on one screen. It also has several control room functions such as a programmable camera map, alarm/motion notification and event list. For simple remote monitoring users can connect to the DVR via it's integrated web server. The browser simply requires the installation of an active-x component. User can then monitor or playback as required. A 3rd method of basic monitoring is via Ipad or Iphone through a free downloadable app. For large sites users can also look at our enterprise hybrid software packaged called Inex.


  • Operating System: Embedded Linux
  • Video Format: PAL/NTSC (selectable)
  • Operation: Quadplex (Simultaneous Record/Playback/Network/Backup)
  • Analog Video Inputs: 16 Composite Video (BNC)
  • IP Video Inputs: 4 (IP Cameras or IP Encoder)
  • Looping Outputs:16 (BNC)
  • Video Compression: H.264
  • Max Recording Speed (Analog Inputs): 400fps (i.e 25fps at 720x576 per ch)
  • Max Recording Speed (IP Inputs): 100fps (i.e 25fps at 4CIF per ch) or 50fps (720P) or 25fps (1080P)
  • Alarm In/Out: 16 in, 4 Out, 1 Reset
  • System Control: Front Panel, IR Remote, USB, PC Client PC, Keyboard
  • Main Monitor Outputs: 2 (1 x HDMI, 1 x VGA)
  • Video Outputs: 2 Programmable Video Outs, 1 x Spot Monitor Out
  • Recording modes: Continuous, Schedule, Alarm, Motion & Panic
  • Recording adjustments: Resolution, recording frame rate & picture quality
  • Search mode: Time, calendar, log & smart motion search
  • Alarm notification: Pop up, alarm relay, email
  • Mini-player for backup: Auto installation into DVD during backup
  • Communication ports: 1 x RS-232C, 1 x RS-485, 2 x USB
  • Ethernet: Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • Storage capacity: 5 x Internal SATA HDD & 1 eSATA Connection
  • Backup: DVD-RW, eSATA, USB & network
  • Power: 110~240VAC
  • Dimensions: 430 (W) x 490 (D) x 88 (H)


  • E-IP1200-D1 - D1 Resolution CS Mount IP Camera
  • E-IP1200-2MP - 2 Megapixel CS Mount IP Camera
  • E-IP2200-2MP - 2 Megapixel IR Weather Proof IP Camera
  • E-IP4100-D1 - D1 Megapixel Vandal IP Dome Camera
  • E-IP4100-2MP - 2 Megapixel Vandal IP Dome Camera
  • E-IP300HQ - VGA Resolution IP Dome Camera
  • E-IPV1000T - D1 Resolution 1Ch IP Video Encoder




  • Multi-site/Enterprise Level Client Software
  • Remote Access & Total Management from Client PC
  • Display upto 64 x Cameras (from different DVRs)
  • Event Notification Window
  • Smart Motion Search
  • Video Save as AVI or Still Image
  • Loss, Power Loss, HDD Failure
  • Editable Camera/Alarm Map
  • Multi-monitor support

Ordering Information

Item Description Price Qty
E-DVR-1640HD 20ch Hybrid Embedded Digital Video Recorder - With support for IP Cameras & IP Encoders R 55,328.00

Optional Accessories

Item Description Price Qty
E-IPV1000T 1Ch H.264 IP Video Encoder R 7,600.00
E-IP1200-2MP Day/Night 2 MegaPixel CS Mount IP Camera R 7,560.00
E-IP4100-2MP Day/Night 2 MegaPixel IP Vandal Dome Camera R 9,576.00
E-DVR-NKB-1000 PTZ & DVR Keyboard Controller for E-DVR-1640SD/HD R 17,100.00