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16Ch Real-Time Embedded Video Recorder with Networking

MSRP Starting Price: R 5,654.00


The E-DVR-216 is a cost effective 16 channel recorder. Built using the same hi-quality hardware as our other DVR products, E-DVR-216 is a compact product suitable for home or business use. It features sixteen video channels which can each be recorded in real-time (25fps) at full 4CIF/D1 (704x576) resolution.

Based on an embedded processor and Linux RTOS, the E-DVR-216 is able to operate stand-alone and provides reliable performance for everday use. 


  • 16 Real-time 25 fps D1 video channels
  • Stand-alone embedded operation with Linux RTOS
  • Mouse control
  • Motion Activated Recording
  • VGA monitor or TV Video Output
  • Space for 1 x SATA HDD 
  • Ethernet Port for IP Monitoring


Cameras can be monitored in real-time @ 25fps in single, quad or multi-window display mode. The DVR has a hi-resolution 1080P VGA monitor output for standard PC monitor connection or a composite video output for Video monitors or TVs. 

Extremely easy to use and very responsive, the E-DVR-216 has a colourful user-friendly GUI and can be controlled via a USB mouse.


Utilising the very latest in H.264 compression technology, this DVR is able to record each channel at a full 4CIF/D1 resolution at 25fps. With the E-DVR-216 you no longer need to worry about low frame rate CIF recording. 

Recording can be configured to activate via schedule, motion, hardware alarm input or manually. For storage, the E-DVR-216 can accomodate one sata HDD upto 4TB. Operation of the DVR is Quadplex, meaning recording continues during playback, monitoring and network transmission.


Video can be reviewed by time/date, event list or event bar and cameras can be played back simultaneously or one at a time. Video and Audio can also be played back from the unit across a TCP/IP network with the included Client Software.

Recorded video can be backed-up through the unit's USB port. Any individual camera may be backed up for a pre-determined time. The video is then saved in a proprietry file format. This file can be played back on a PC with the playback application installed. With this application, still images can be obtained or the video converted to a standard AVI format. For remote backup over a TCP/IP network, the client software can be used to download individual camera clips 


  • Video Channels: 16 x composite video inputs, 75 Ohm 1 Vp~p (BNC)
  • Video Standard: NTSC or PAL
  • Video Monitoring Speed: 25 fps per channel
  • Display Modes: 1, 4, 8, 9, 16
  • Video Recording Speed: 25 fps per channel (adj. btw 1~25 fps)
  • Video Recording Format: 704 x 576 (4CIF/D1)
  • Video Compression: H.264
  • Recording Clip Length: 1~120min (configurable, default 60min)
  • Pre/Post Recording: Upto 30 Seconds before and 10~300 Seconds after 
  • Monitor Outputs: 1 x video output (BNC) or 1 x PC monitor (VGA) 
  • USB Ports: Yes (x2 Rear & Front)
  • HDD Storage: 1 x 3.5" SATA HDD Upto 4TB 
  • Network: 10/100 Mbps ethernet (RJ45)
  • Dual Stream: Yes (Main @ D1 1~25fps or Extra Stream @ CIF 1~25fps)
  • Bit Rate: 48~4096Kb/s
  • Power: 12VDC @2A
  • Weight: 0.5kg 
  • Dimension (mm): 205 (W) x 205 (L) x 40 (H)


A windows client application is included for each DVR. This software allows remote connectivity with the DVR over a TCP/IP network. One is able to configure the DVR, monitor cameras live or playback recorded video as required. The bitrate can be adjusted between 48~4096Kb/s and two IP streams are available. This includes the main stream which can be used for LAN setups and a secondry stream that can be used for lower bandwidth remote connections.


Downloadable Apps are available free of charge for monitoring of video feeds streamed from the DVR to a mobile device. The supported devices include Blackberry,  Android and Iphone/Ipad Devices.

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E-DVR-216 16Ch Real-Time Embedded Video Recorder with Networking R 5,654.00