Handheld Camera Focus Indicator

MSRP Starting Price: R 4,629.00

Product Datasheet
  • Input: 1V p-p (75 ohm) Video or high impedence (BNC female)
  • Display: LED Bargraph
  • Power: 9VDC (PP3)
  • Power Consumption: 30mA
  • Dimensions: 118 x 60 x 29 mm
  • Weight: 125 g

The E-FM1 is an extremely useful tool for any CCTV camera installer. It allows the user to set a camera to it's optimum focus quickly and without need for a video test monitor.

The unit analyses the image detail at the centre of the picture. It is very simple to use. One connects the meter to the video output of the camera. Then you adjust the lens focus. When the best focus point is reached, the most LEDs will be illuminated on the meter's LED bargraph. The installer then knows he has the camera focused and can reconnect it to the CCTV system.

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E-FM1 Handheld Camera Focus Indicator R 4,629.00