High-End Ground Loop & Power Interference Isolator

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Product Datasheet


  • Very low insertion loss: 0.5 dB
  • Very high frequency response: 0-3 dB at 10 MHz
  • Colour distortion: Zero
  • Suitable for systems: 75 Ohms and 50 Ohms
  • Isolation voltage: 600 VDC min
  • Insulation resistance: 100 MOhms
  • BNC interface Connectors: Yes
  • Powered: Passive (No External Power Required)
  • Weight: 150g
  • Dimensions (mm): 50 x 48 x 70

The E-Humbug is a device which is used in-line between a CCTV camera and a monitor or recorder. It eliminates humbars, picture tearing, crosstalk and rolling caused by ground loops or power interference introduced into the co-axial video cable. It can be used to improve video signals at existing or new installations.

Extremely compact in size, the E-Humbug requires no power supply and passes video and camera control signals in both directions. It was developed due to the lack of high quality ground loop isolation transformers. Most transformers have a low bandwidth and often distort the video image and cause loss of colour. The E-Humbug is made up of the latest ferrite materials using high quality magnetic engineering, allowing high bandwidth throughput to be achieved.


Picture distortion occurs in many installations. This can be caused by the following: Ground loops, mains pick up and cross talk.

Ground loops occur when the earth potential at the camera is different from the potential at the monitor. This difference may only be a small voltage but it can cause large currents to flow through the shield of the co-axial cable. The E-Humbug breaks this circuit, only allowing video and camera control signals through. These large currents will cause picture distortion and safety problems if they remain.

Mains pickup occurs when co-axial cable runs in parallel to a power cable. A sinusoidal voltage develops on both the shield and the video core. This is often seen as a “hum bar” passing down the screen. Because the E-Humbug only sees the difference between signals connected to it, the video is passed without the hum. Cross talk occurs when a cable carrying high frequency signals lies next to the video cable. This is often seen as diagonal lines passing across the screen.
Sometimes they come and go, the E-Humbug eliminates most of these as it only sees the difference between signals connected to it.

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E-HUMBUG High End Video Interference & Ground Loop Isolater Unit R 2,588.00
E-HUMBUG-RACK-1U 19" Rack Mount 1U High End Video Interference & Ground Loop Isolater Unit - Support for 17 x Video Signals R 58,126.00