Ultra-Wide Angle IR Illuminator for Speed Dome Applications


This triple-panel infra-red illuminator has been specially designed for wide angle illumination of areas for operation of speed dome or PTZ cameras at night. Two or three units can be mounted on a pole to provide effective 360degree illumination at night.


  • Active IR Illumination for Speed Dome or PTZ cameras
  • Hi-Tech Surface Mount LED Technology for improved Heat Dissipation
  • 180degree coverage upto 90 metres
  • 360degree coverage with only 2 units
  • 10 Year Lifetime
  • Vandal-Resistant Casing

    It provides world class performance with an extended life-time and no maintenance required due to it's solid-state construction. The user is able to manually adjust the E-IR300-AI-50 during installation to provide the correct angle of illumination to suit the application. Each illuminator has an integrated electronic circuit to carefully control LED output, delivering consistent illumination power and a projected working life of 10 years.

    The illuminator is provided with a bracket and AC-input power supply. The power supply has an external photocell which turns the illuminator on when required (i.e at night).


    • Max IR Range (180degree angle): 90 Metres
    • Max IR Range (50degree angle): 130 Metres
    • Optics: Surface Mount LEDs
    • IR Wavelength: 850nM
    • Power Consumption: 120W max
    • Power: 13.5V (provided by PSU)
    • PSU Input:100~240VAC
    • Operating Temp: -50~+50degC
    • Cable Length (between Illuminator & PSU):2.5Mtr
    • Case Color:Black
    • Dimensions (Illuminator):420 x 195 x 66mm
    • Dimensions (PSU): 240 x 160 x 81mm

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