Mini 3" Digital Video Recorder with SD Card Storage

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The E-M5DVR-3 is a hi-definition micro DVR for covert surveillance applications. This new model is similar in size to the old model but with an increased 3" touchscreen LCD monitor, digital or analog camera connection and support for upto 1080P HD recording resolution.


  • HD Micro Digital Video & Audio Recorder
  • Built-In 3" TFT Touchscreen Video LCD
  • Internal Motion Detection, Schedule or Continuous Manual Recording
  • Time/Date and Digital Counter for Evidence Purposes
  • Analog E-HeadCam2 or Megapixel Pinhole Digital Camera Input
  • Upto 1080P Recording Resolution (Camera Dependent)
  • 3 Hours + Battery Life 
  • USB2.0 for charging or download


Extremely small in size, the E-M5DVR-3 has an aluminium-mag-alloy metal case and has been built to withstand the ruggedness required by investigators and/or users of such recorders. Ideal for body-worn applications, the E-M5DVR-3 with battery, SD card and screen is slightly smaller than a standard packet of cigarettes.


  • Video Input: 1 x Composite Video (PAL/NTSC selectable) or 1 x Digital Video Input (Upto 1080P)
  • Video Recording Image Format: 320x240, 640x480, 720x480, 1024x768, 1280x720, 1920x1080 (Camera Dependent)
  • Video Recording Speed: Upto 30 fps (Adjustable from 1, 5, 10, 25fps)
  • Video Resolution: Upto 1080P (Camera Dependent) 
  • Video Compression: H.264
  • Storage Type: SD slot (Up to 32GB SDHC Supported)
  • Motion Detection: Yes (Internal Software)
  • Audio Input: 1 x Audio Input
  • Audio Recording Format: 44100Hz Mono
  • Audio Compression: Microsoft ADPCM Codec
  • AV Output: Yes (1 x Composite Video, 2 x Audio) 
  • LCD Display: 3" TFT (960x240)
  • Time/Date: Yes
  • Counter: Yes (for evidence purposes)
  • PC Interface: USB 2.0 (for upload or charging)
  • Camera Power Output: 5 VDC @ 300 mA max (Analog Cams) or 3.3V @ 250mA (Digital Cameras)
  • Battery: 3.7 VDC 2200mA Li-Ion
  • Battery Life (with external camera output): ±200 minutes
  • Battery Re-Charge Time: 3.3 Hours
  • Weight: 71g  (with battery)
  • Dimensions (mm): 85 x 54 x 17


The unit is configured by an on-screen-display touchscreen interface and has a single button for easy recording activation. With the single button activation, use of the recorder by non-technical operators is made easier. The E-M5DVR-3 also features internal software motion detection. When used in this mode, the DVR only records when there is movement in front of the camera. Configurable in the menu, the user can also configure the DVR for schedule activated recording, or continuous recording. LED indicators notify the operator of recording having started. Support is provided for SDHC cards upto 32GB.


Recordings can be played back via the AV output to a compatible display. Alternatively video clips can be exported to a PC via the USB port or simply by removing the card and inserting into a flash drive. These files are in a standard .AVI format and can be played back using standard video for windows players. Unlike other PVRs, this unit has a time/date stamp which is overlayed onto the video. Time/Date is essential for investigators and law enforcement officials. A special new feature is the insertion of a digital counter onto the video. This is useful for evidence purposes to prove a frame or frames have not been removed or added.


An upgraded function of the unit is the new clip-on battery. The battery is now a 1/3 of the size of the recorder and can easily be replaced during operations. With the E-M5VDR-3 the unit shuts down and saves the file before the battery is depleted. When a fresh battery is attached and the unit is switched on again, it resumes from the mode it was in when switched off. Another important feature is that of the voltage output for a covert camera. With the E-M5DVR-3, one can power our 5VDC covert E-HEADCAM2 or the 3.3VDC digital E-HEADCAM-MP2/MP3 with the recorder for ±200 minutes.

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E-M5DVR-3 Mini 3" Digital Video Recorder with SD Card Storage R 9,500.00

Optional Accessories

Item Description Price Qty
E-HEAD-CAM-MP2 720P HD Color Megapixel Pinhole Covert Camera R 4,180.00
E-HEAD-CAM2 550TVL Mini Pinhole Button Camera R 3,420.00
E-HEAD-CAM-MP3 1080P Full HD Color Megapixel Pinhole Covert Camera R 4,180.00