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Apple Mac OS DVR Client Software



  • Apple Mac OS: V 10.6.4
  • Minimum Hardware Spec: Intel Core2 Duo 2.26Hz or faster, 2GB RAM
  • Compatible DVRs: E-DVR-104, E-DVR-1640ED, E-DVR-1640SD, E-DVR-1640HD
  • Functions: Single Site Connections, Single or Multi-Screen Display, PTZ Control 
  • E-MGUARD is a free client software for the remote monitoring of our range of embedded CCTV digital video recorders (DVRs). It is one of the few products available currently for the Apple Mac Os.

    It can be used on compatible hardware to monitor video received over IP from a DVR. Other functions include single or multi-screen display and PTZ control. An event list can also be displayed and color adjusted.

    Seperate Ipad and Iphone client applications are also available for our range of DVRs.

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