Rugged Nitrogen Pressurised Day/Night PTZ Camera


The E-PTZ-3690 is a high performance Day/Night PTZ Cameras for demanding applications such as mining, traffic monitoring and city surveillance.


  • 35x Optical Zoom
  • Nitrogen Pressurised Camera
  • DSP technology for highest quality images day and night
  • 8 or 16-point on-screen compass display, plus absolute position
  • A vertical tilt range greater than standard pan and tilts
  • Multi-manufacturer protocol control
  • Optional Electronic image stabilisation option

Featuring a 35x optical zoom range (3.4 mm to 119 mm), with selectable automatic or manual focus, the E-PTZ-3690 has a high resolution 520TVL Progressive-Scan Sensor. It produces clear vivid color images during daylight and high sensitivity monochrome images after dark.  The untis consists of a high performance color DSP camera with integrated lens, RS485 camera control receiver, and a pan/tilt mechanism that is both attractive yet unobtrusive. Its sleek design allows for quick and easy mounting, and is unassuming in any installation.


A pan/tilt mechanism, with up to 0.25° accuracy, provides 360° continuous rotation and up to 63 user-defined preset positions, each with a two-line, 24-character title. The positioner pans and tilts at an impressive 140°/sec in the preset mode, with 0.25° accuracy. The sidemounted camera allows uninterrupted view directly beneath the installation, and its 180° tilt axis provides a vertical scan range greater than standard pan and tilts.


Camera direction can be identified in 8 or 16 compass positions, with the ability to set the true north position. Plus, absolute scene
position can be displayed in degrees, if desired.


A stabalisation mode is available as an option for the camera. This provide stable, jitter-free video under adverse conditions. The function uses real time computer algorithms to correct for shaking and waving images caused by wind and vibration. The two modes of stabilisation settings, 5 Hz and 16 Hz, allow a wide range of vibration compensation.


Include a wide range of DSP functions to support the particular camera site, including privacy zones, image manipulation and backlight control. Several control protocols can also be configured allowing the camera to be used with a variety of IP encoders, joystick controllers or DVRs. A/D, Pelco-D, Pelco-P, Bosch, Vicon & Ultrak protocols are supported.


The E-PTZ-3690 complies with NEMA TS-2 in terms of environmental, electrical and shock/vibration specifications.The sealed and pressurised camera enclosure protects your investment by eliminating the intrusion of water, pollutants and corrosives that may degrade the cameraThe camera enclosure is rated IP67. The positioner unit is rated IP66 and TS-2.


  • Image Sensor: 1/4” Sony Ex-View HAD™
  • Total Pixels: PAL: 795 x 596
  • Horiz Resolution: 540 TVL
  • Day/Night Method: Removable IR cut filter
  • Sensitivity (F1.4 @ 50IRE, Progressive Scan Mode):
  • 0.1 fc (1.0 lx) @ 1/60 shutter (color mode)
  • 0.01 fc (0.10 lx) @ 1/4 shutter (color mode)
  • 0.005 fc (0.05 lx) @ 1/2 shutter (color mode)
  • 0.001 fc (0.01 lx) @ 1/4 shutter (mono mode)
  • Video Output: 1.0 V p-p @ 75 ohms, Progressive Scan
  • Integration Settings: 1/30, 1/15, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 fields per second
  • Shutter Speed Settings: 1/60, 1/120, 1/180, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000, 1/4000, 1/10,000, 1/30,000
  • Wide Dynamic Range: Two shutter speeds in alternative video fields combined into one progressive scan frame
  • Electronic Image Stabilization: 5hz Mode: 16db suppression @ 3-13hz or 16hz Mode: 16db suppression @ 7-17hz
  • Sync: Crystal
  • Integrated Zoom: 35X optical zoom 
  • Focal Range: 3.4mm to 119mm (±15%);
  • Aperture: f1.4 to f4.2
  • AFOV: 56° to 1.7° (±15%)
  • Lens Focus: Auto/manual
  • Digital Zoom: Up to 12X with smooth transition produces an effective focal length from 3.4mm to 1428mm (±15%)
  • Pan Range: 360° continuous rotation
  • Tilt Range: -90° to +90°
  • Pan Max Speed: 120°/sec
  • Speed Between Presets: 180° movement (start to stop) <2 sec
  • Manual Speed: 0.1° to >80°/sec
  • Tilt Max Speed: 120°/sec
  • Manual Tilt Speed: 0.1° to >40°/sec
  • Accuracy: <0.2°
  • Repeatability: <0.2°
  • Absolute Positioning:0.2° precision
  • Presets:64 preset positions (each preset includes pan, tilt, zoom, focus and 24 character ID label)
  • Video Tours: 8 tours, each consisting of 32 presets with dwell time per preset per tour
  • Sector Zones: Up to 16 programmable zones in the horizontal plane

Other Features

  • Privacy Zones: 8 programmable zones can be set for video blanking
  • Compass Direction: 8 or 16 direction points (i.e.: north, NE, east, SE, south, SW, west, and NW) can be displayed.
  • Inverted Operation: Yes
  • Title Generation: Camera ID: 2 lines of 24 characters, Preset ID: 1 Line of 24 characters, Sector ID: 1 line of 24 characters per zone,Privacy ID: 1 line of 24 characters per zone, Low Pressure: 1 line of 24 characters, Compass ID: 1 line, includes compass direction and absolute position
  • Power Input: 24 VAC ±15%
  • Power Consumption: 54 W max; 154 W max with p/t heater
  • Data Format: Half Duplex RS-422 (4 wire) or RS-232 (3-wire) 300 to 19.2K baud
  • Protocol: A/D, Pelco-D, Pelco-P, Bosch, Vicon, Ultrak
  • Camera: IP-67/NEMA-4X/ASTM-B117;
  • Pan/Tilt: IP-66/NEMA-4X/ASTM-B117
  • Operating Temperature Limits: (-34° to 74°C)
  • Humidity: Up to 100% relative humidity
  • Vibration: Conforms to NEMA TS2, para. 2.1.9
  • Shock: Conforms to NEMA TS2, para. 2.1.10
  • Wind Survivability: 110 mph with 30% gust factor
  • EMI: FCC rules,
  • Dimensions: 584 mm x 482 mm x 304 mm
  • Weight: 11Kg

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