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Multi-Client Software for the E-DVR-104 & E-DVR-1640ED/SD/HD DVRs



E-RASPLUS is a windows-based application designed for the E-DVR-104, E-DVR-1640ED, E-DVR-1640SD & E-DVR-1640HD digital video recorders.

The application allows the display of live or recorded video from one or more recorders. It can also be used for remote configuration of the DVR.

Users can select recorders from a drop-down tree-structure and drag/drop them onto the video display windows. Various layouts can also be saved by the users.


Video can be played back from the DVR over the network in the same way live video is displayed. The user is provided with a time-line bar which displays motion or alarm events. Selected video can also be backed or saved as a still image. 


  • Supplied with E-DVR-104 & E-DVR-1640 series DVRs.
  • Single, Quad, 8-Way, 3x3, 4x4, 25-Way, 32-Way & 64-Way Window Display.
  • Clickable Map
  • Remote Site List
  • PTZ Software Control
  • Local Recording


E-RASPLUS features a clickable map function and programming tool. Users can create there own clicable maps by inserting a BMP file and inserting camera/alarm icons onto the map. 


Other program functions include user password access control, local recording and PTZ software control. This allows users to control PTZ cameras that are connected to the serial port of that particular DVR. 


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