Short Range Hand-Held Thermal Imaging Binoculars



The E-S2-FIRE is a compact binocular-type camera for thermal imaging applications. Designed for fire-fighting it can also be used for surveillance applications in little or no light.


  • Short Range Thermal Imaging
  • White Hot/Black Hot Toggle 
  • Video Output
  • 600g Weight
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Time/Date Overlay 
  • 2 Hour Rechargeable Battery

    As an all round thermal imaging device, the unit has the capability to be used for surveillance applications such as looking for criminal suspects hiding in a bushy or overgrown area. It is also designed for safety applications such as the fire department identifying the beginnings of a fire.

    Suitable for hand-held or hands-free operation with the head-strap, the E-S2-FIRE has a hi-quality integrated dual LCD display for user vision. The integrated battery pack allows for 2 hours operation.

    Extremely lighweight , compact and robust the camera is able to survive a 2 metre drop, 320degrees C heat and submerssion in 1.5metres of water.


    • Sensor: Uncooled Microbolometer, Amorphous Silicon
    • Spectral Response: 7.5~14 Microns
    • Thermal Stabalisation: -40 to 80degC
    • Resolution: 160 x 120
    • Lens: 16mm Germanium
    • Lens Field of View: 37.5 (V) & 50 (H)
    • Focus: Fixed (1Mtr to Infinity)
    • Update Rate: 30Hz
    • Temp Sensitivity: Direct temperature measurement: Yes with box Indicator
    • Scene Colourisation: Yes with user settable colour scheme.
    • Display Eyepiece: 0.6" LCD 384x244 R-G-B with LED Backlight
    • Display Brightness: 400cd/m2
    • Video Output: Yes (NTSC)
    • Battery level indicator: Yes
    • Battery: Li-ion Polymer 3.7V 1650mAH
    • Start-Up Time: 3 Seconds
    • Weight: 750g
    • Display cover: Scratch Resistance Polycarbonate
    • Housing: Fire hardened housing for maximum high heat tolerance.
    • Impact resistance: Capable of withstanding 2 metre drop.
    • Weather resistance: IP67
    • Dimensions: 87 x 112 x 82 (H x L x W) mm

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