Night Vision Video Surveillance Binoculars with 110mm Lens

MSRP Starting Price: R 38,000.00

Product Datasheet


  • Sensor: 1/3" Sony Ex-View
  • Field of View: 
  • Magnification: 11x
  • Resolution: 420 Horiz. TVL (Day); 200 Horiz. TVL (Night)
  • Effective Range:
    • Up to 40 Metres (Identification)
    • Up to 100 Metres (Observation of Activity)
    • Up to 200 Metres (Monitoring presence of activity)
  • Video Output: 1 V p-p 75 ohm (PAL)
  • Battery Life: 9.6 V (8 x AAA) - 2 Hour Lifetime
  • External Power: 12 VDC
  • Weight: 1 Kg
  • Dimensions (mm): 139 x 138 x 55

Designed for clients wanting to do covert video surveillance during the day or night, the E-SM-3DB is a set of binoculars which feature a standard composite video output. This output can be connected to a video recorder or display unit.

The E-SM-3DB uses the latest in electronic technology and consists of a video imaging device with lens optics, a miniature flat panel LCD display and an automatic video gain circuit. Our ultra-sensitive CCD sensor can operate down to extremely low lighting conditions with a wide range from 0.0005 lux during the night to 30'000 lux during the day. Images from the sensor are converted electronically and displayed on the miniature LCD display. The user can then look through the binocular eye-pieces at the displayed image.

For additional illumination at night, the E-SM-3DB can be fitted with an infra-red laser illuminator. The unit operates off eight AAA batteries or from external 12 VDC power.

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E-SM-3DB Night Vision Video Surveillance Binoculars with 110mm Lens R 38,000.00