32 Channel Video Matrix Switcher

MSRP Starting Price: R 28,320.00

Product Datasheet


  • Video Inputs: 32 Composite Video Inputs, 8 Video Outputs, 1 V p-p 75 ohm (BNC)
  • Alarm Inputs: 32 Alarm Inputs, 8 x (50 VAC/VDC @ 0.5 A) Relay Outputs (2 x DB25 Connectors)
  • 32 Programmable sequences
  • Keyboard Control: 4 x RS485 Interfaces (Max 8 Keyboards Supported)
  • External Control: 2 x RS485 Interfaces for Camera or Multiplexer Telemetry Control
  • PC Setup & Configuration: 1 x RS232 Interface
  • Video loss detector: Yes
  • Titles: 28 Character On-Screen Test Camera Labelling
  • Camera Privacy Masking: Yes
  • Setup: Via OSD or via a Windows PC
  • Mountable: 2U 19” Rack
  • Compatible Keyboards: E-DCJ, E-DCT & E-DCK
  • Operating Temp: 0º C to 45º C
  • Power: 12 VDC (24 W)
  • Dimensions (mm): 180 x 430 x 94

Expanding on our excellent range of matrix switching units, the E-SM328 is a 32 input, 8 output video matrix. Fully configurable, the matrix is capable of switching 32 inputs to 8 independent outputs.

It has a variety of video sequences which can be programmed by day, night or holiday cycle. On the alarm side, the E-SM328 provides 32 alarm inputs and 8 relay outputs. Events can be initiated on alarm input including moving a PTZ camera to a preset position or starting a particular monitor sequence. For privacy reasons, the video inputs can also be masked on fixed cameras.

The matrix’s two RS485 lines are for communication with the E-SM16 advanced multiplexer or for telemetry connection to a PTZ camera or speed dome. They can also be used to connect additional matrixes in a slave/master or parallel setup.

With the master/slave configuration, the master matrix can accept max 4 inputs from each slave matrix. In a parallel setup, up to 9 matrixes can be connected. A keyboard connected to the master is able to control all cameras connected to any of the slaves or to the master.

The E-SM328 is fully controllable via the E-DCJ, E-DCK or E-DCT control keyboards. It can also be controlled via the RS232 port from a PC.

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Item Description Price Qty
E-SM328 32 Channel Video Matrix Switcher R 28,320.00

Optional Accessories

Item Description Price Qty
E-DCK Stand-alone Matrix / Multiplexer Controller R 6,406.00
E-DCJ PTZ Camera and Matrix Control Keyboard with 3-Axis Joystick R 15,960.00