100mW COFDM Digital Wireless Encrypted Transmitter



The SOL4TX Transmitter is an advanced COFDM digital video transmitter. Extremely compact, the unit has been designed to allow reliable video transmission in line-of-site, mobile or non-line-of-site applications. Unlike analog video transmission systems, COFDM systems utilise digital video compression and multiple carriers to achieve superior performance. Various wireless frequencies are available from 300~3GHz.


Any standard analog composite video and/or audio signal can be connected to the unit. This signal is encoded into a digital stream, encrypted, then transmitted wirelessly to a compatible receiver. The receiver unit decodes and decrypts the video and outputs the signal as an analog video signal. It is the first transmitter of it's kind to offer user selectable MPEG2 or MPEG4 image compression. The standard 32-bit encryption can also be upgraded to AES128/256 bit encryption if required.


  • Video Input: 1 x Composite Video or S-Video(5 Pin OB Lemo)
  • Video Line Standard: PAL or NTSC
  • Resolution 704, 528, 480, 352
  • Coding Mode MPEG2 (MPEG4 optional)
  • Delay 43ms to 120ms depending on mode
  • Audio Input Ch1: 5 Pin OB Lemo
  • Audio Input Ch2: 5 Pin OB Lemo
  • Audio Input: Line Level or Microphone
  • Sample Rate 32KHz, 16KHz, 8KHz switchable
  • Bits per Sample: 12 or 8 bit switchable
  • Encryption Format ABS 32 bit as standard, AES128/256 (optional)
  • Unit Controls: Front Panel 8 channel select, RF on/off, Range mode, Lock, Alarm
  • Dimension: 95 x 70 x 22mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 350g
  • Power: 5.9 ~ 16VDC (Reverse Polarity Protected)
  • Power Consumption 4.8 to 6W depending on mode
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20 to +70 deg C


  • Output: RF (SMA)
  • Frequency Bands: 2280 to 2550MHz (S-Band), 1100 to 1400MHz (L-Band), 575 to 675MHz (UHF2), 340 to 470MHz (UHF) - others on request
  • Power Output: 100mW
  • Power Control 30dB in 1dB steps
  • Tuning Steps 250KHz
  • Modulation Bandwidths (DVB-T or SOLO): 8/7/6/2.5MHz (1.25MHz optional
  • Default Modes:
    Mode 1 - Short Range 2.5MHz, 16QAM, FEC2/3, 4.8Mb/s
    Mode 2 - Normal Range 2.5MHz, QPSK, FEC2/3, 2.4Mb/s
    Mode 3 - Long Range 2.5MHz, QPSK, FEC1/3, 1.2Mb/s
    Mode 4 - Ultra Long Range (1.25MHz, QPSK, FEC1/3, 600kb/s


    Depending on the required or approved frequency, various models can be pre-ordered. L-band, S-Band and UHF1/2 are all supported. The actual bandwidth can be configured on the transmitter allowing the unit to operate in a variety of transmission bandwidths. These allow the user to trade off image quality against range to suite all types of missions.  Excellent video quality, performance, and spectral efficiency are offered when operating in the unique 2.5MHz and 1.25MHz narrow bandwidth modes. For broadcast quality at shorter ranges, one can use the 8MHz DVB-T modulation mode.


    The SOL4TXis able to transmit images in a non-line of sight environment up to 1km depending on mode and frequency, further range can be achieved with a clip-on 1W Amplifier. This can be extremely useful for law enforcement or military use in built-up areas.

    Supplied in a rugged, lightweight weather proof aluminium chassis, the SOL4TX Transmitter can be used in body-worn applications, or prolonged outdoor deployments.

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