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A3 High Resolution CCTV Test Chart

MSRP Starting Price: R 4,128.00

Product Datasheet
  • Test Horizontal & Vertical Camera Resolution
  • Aids in Focusing / Back Focusing Cameras
  • Test for impedance matching
  • Test if Camera/Lens provides sufficient detail
  • Test Video Bandwidth
  • Test for signal reflection
  • Test Auto White Balance/Colour Temp
  • Test DVR Quality / Compression

Our new CCTV Test chart is an extremely useful tool for the CCTV technician/installer to have. It allows the user to test several qualities of a particular video signal such as resolution & colour reproduction. This can be useful in trouble shooting or for comparing video quality of different products such as digital recorders, cameras and monitors. Another useful function for the chart is using it to decide if your lens/camera combination is good enough for the application intended. In other words if it has enough resolution with that particular lens to cover or capture the subject.

The chart is produced in a high resolution A3 format, and comes mounted on a hard foam board. It is printed on special paper with minimum light reflection and high colour stability.

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E-TESTCHART A3 Test Chart R 4,128.00