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Cable Tracer Probe Kit

MSRP Starting Price: R 3,420.00



  • Adjustable Volume & Speaker (Probe)
  • Crocodile-Clips (Generator)
  • Power: 9 VDC Battery

The E-TONETEST is a test kit for locating or trouble shooting cables. It consists of two parts, a probe and a tone generator. Technicians find this product extremely useful for locating and identifying cable pairs or individual conductors. One can also use the E-TONETEST as a continuity or polarity tester. The tone generator is attached to the target cable via the crocodile-clips or the RJ connector. A tone is generated which resonates down the cable/conductor. This tone is detected by the probe and a tone can be heard on the probeâ??s speaker.

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E-TONETEST Cable Tracer Probe Kit R 3,420.00