Test Pattern Generator

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Our programmable test pattern generator the E-TPG8 is a very helpful tool for CCTV or broadcast television trouble shooting & testing. Because the TPG-8 is fully programmable (any existing or custom made test patterns can be inserted) there is no limit to what can be checked.

The following details however, are the most common video signal properties that could be analysed:

  • Video signal bandwidth (MHz)
  • Optimizing the contrast and brightness of a video monitor display
  • Digital video recording, playback and export image quality
  • Minimum or maximum video signal levels acceptable by a device
  • Transmission link (device) quality
  • Ground loop problems
  • Image distortion after digitization of images
  • Video signal dynamic range
  • Video signal impedance matching or line end signal reflection
  • VCR playback quality
  • Face identification and recognition capability of a recorder (DVR)
  • Vehicle license plate recognition capability of a recording system

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