PC-Based People Counting Software


E-TV-PC is an automated stand-alone, bi-directional people counting system that comprises standard CCTV cameras coupled to a PC powered by a unique Video Analytic Software Suite.


In today’s competitive retail environment, winning requires having a good understanding of your customers, developing focused strategies and executing them efficiently. Constant changes in customer preferences, eroding customer loyalty and the inherent complexity of large retail organizations require a new level of in-store intelligence to achieve success.

E-TV-PC is a unique product for the retail industry that provides easy-to-use and accurate people counting. Based on leading patent pending software technology for Cognitive Vision, E-TV-PC offers a cost efficient, infinitely scalable, easy-to-install and flexible system for automatic people counting, with a superior accuracy of 95~99%.


Use your precise knowledge about visitor statistics to increase the performance of your business:

  • Monitor the number of visitors. 
  • Increase sales by leveraging your buyer/browser ratio and your turnover per visitor.
  • Collect data such as customer flows, trend analysis, evaluation of advertising and promotions.
  • Test store layouts.
  • Enhance your strategic marketing decisions through effective monitoring of customer traffic.
  • Improve you staff planning and determine optimal opening hours.
  • Compare stores and branches. 
  • Negotiate rent based on the visitors passing by or entering your facility.


  • Counts People Moving at any speed & direction across a defined countline.
  • Accurate Counting even when monitoring a high throughput retail store
  • Upto Four Analog Video Cameras per PC
  • Operates on a Standard Pentium 4 (3.0GHz or greater) PC
  • Export Data to .Excel or as a PNG.
  • Integrate Data from POS & other systems.


An integral part of the E-TV-PC software package, is the reporting module which allows one to keep track of and analyse the people counting data with. It performs statistical analysis on the people counts from your local site like:

  • totals per day, week, month or year,
  • compare between days, weeks, months or years.


For sites comprising of more than one system or for multiple sites spread over a larger geographic area, we are able to offer an optional web server based version of the software reports. This analyses figures from multiple sites and compares them on an online web server with easy-to-use web interface.

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