Twisted Pair to Co-Ax Receivers

MSRP Starting Price: R 2,610.00

Product Datasheet


  • Video Input: Twisted pair video input
  • Input Impedance: 100 (ohm) 10%
  • Gain: Adjustable via trimpot
  • Video Output: 1 V p-p, 75 ohm (coax)
  • Enclosure: IP65 Waterproof Enclosure or Rack mount Format
  • Current Consumption: 12 VDC / 24 VAC; 2 W (E-TWRB)
  • Dimensions (mm): E-TWRB1: 129 x 88 58
  • Dimensions (mm): E-TWRR1: 3U x 6TE x 190

These receivers receive a twisted pair cable from a E-TWM1/TWT1 transmitter and convert it back to a coax video signal. This can then be connected to a monitor, switcher or recorder. It can be supplied encased in an IP65 enclosure or for larger installations in 19” rack mount format. The rack mount version includes a rack (E-TWRC1) incorporating up to 10 Euro-card modules and a power supply. This format helps keep an installation orderly and reduces unnecessary cables. Each Euro-card module features a screw terminal block and BNC connector at the rear.

Ordering Information

Item Description Price Qty
E-TWRB1 Twisted Pair to Co-Ax Receiver - IP65 Enclosure R 3,180.00
E-TWRC1 19" Rack Mount Enclosure for E-TWRR1 receiver modules - Includes PSU R 2,610.00
E-TWRR1 Twisted Pair to Co-Ax Receiver - Euro Card Format R 3,180.00