Plastic Polymer Housing For Low Temperature Operation



  • Construction: Plastic Polymer
  • Sunshield: Yes
  • Screws: Stainless Steel
  • Opening: Side
  • Weatherproof Rating: IP66 (IP67 with sealing rings)
  • Internal Usable Area: 70x70x270 mm
  • Overall Dimensions: 466 (L) x 156 (W) x 113 (H) mm
  • Operating Temp: -55degC to +55degC
  • Cable Glands: 3 x Nickel-Plated Brass
  • Heater: Yes (12VDC/24VAC Operation)
  • Compatible Brackets: E-WBJ (IP67) E-WBOV

    A new version of our popular plastic polymer housing, the E-VERSO-POLYMER is a side opening housing for CS Mount cameras. It has been specially designed for CCTV applications requiring low temperature camera operation. Re-inforced heating allows operation down to -55 degrees centigrade. This makes it ideal for use in refrigerated cold rooms. The housing requires 12VDC/24VAC for the heating. 

    Constructed of techno-polymer plastic, this rugged housing is resistant to environmental agents and UV. It's weatherproof features are enhanced by the neoprene-rubber gaskets and the 3M16 nickel plated brass cable glands.

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