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Video Frame Grabbers For PC-Based Industrial or Commercial Video Capture Applications

Connecting Accessories for easy integration and immediate evaluation of cards
Low-Cost Standard Acquisition

MSRP Starting Price: R 6,041.00
Low Cost Capture Board for Video Surveillance Applications
Standard Acquisition for Video Surveillance
Compact and Cost-effective Video Capture Board with 16 Inputs
Real-Time Video Capture Card for Standard Cameras
Professional PCI Video Framegrabbers - 4 Channel Video Expansion Bracket for E-Picolo-Tetra
Optimized capture and H.264 compression card for 16 video inputs with audio capability
Optimized Capture and H.264 Compression Card for 4 Video Inputs with Audio Capability
Ruggedized Capture and H.264 Compression Board for 4 Video Inputs with Audio Capability