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4Ch Alarm Input / Contact Closure Fibre Transmission Unit

MSRP Starting Price: R 1,599.00


The FT-DIO-IP4-SA is an alarm input/contact closure fibre optic tranmission device. It allows the transmisson of digital input signals from a remote location to a control room or server room.


  • Digital Inputs:x4 (from Fibre RX)
  • Inputs:for Dry Contacts (switches)
  • Input Range: 0~5V 
  • Fibre Output: x 1 (ST Connector)
  • Fibre Type:850nM Multi-Mode Fibre
  • Dimensions: (W)90mm x (L)110mm x (H)50mm
  • Power:12VDC Operation
  • Compatible Receiver:FT-DIO-OP4-SA

    Applications for the unit include distributed security alarm monitoring, industrial automation as well as data acquisition.

    It is ideal for transmitting digital input signals from noisy environments, areas with long cable distances and where isolation from power sources is required. The isolation provided by the fibre allows the equipment in the server/control room be protected in the event of a surge hitting the unit in the field.

    Four Digital Inputs or Contact Closures are multiplexed over a signal fibre optic cable to a receiver, our FT-DIO-OP4-SA. Digital inputs are optically isolated. 

    The unit's enclosure is constructed from aluminium and has screw terminals for I/O connections.

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FT-DIO-IP4-SA 4Ch Alarm Input / Contact Closure Fibre Transmission Unit R 1,599.00