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License Plate Recognition Systems

EagleCCTV now offers a complete License Plate Recognition System which includes number plate software & infra-red number plate compatible traffic cameras. Used for ANPR and traffic related video surveillance these systems can be used for security at boom gates to estates or number plate capture of vehicles passing a site.

Our solution consists of the following components:

1.) LPR Camera for Day/Night Number Plate Capture (E-WALZ-CAM)

2.) Framegrabber Card (E-PICOLO)

3.) Number Plate Recognition Engine (E-ENGINE.25/ENGINE.100)

4.) Number Plate Management Software Application

Hi-Resolution Day/Night LPR Camera

MSRP Starting Price: R 20,016.00
Day/Night License Plate Recognition (LPR) Camera - 3~5Mtrs
License Plate Recognition Software Engine - Slow Speed Traffic